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Most healthpreneurs struggle to keep their financial records up to date and protect their practices against surprise tax bills, low profit margins, and ballooning expenses. Managing finances without the proper expertise is risky and time-consuming—plus you’re already putting in overtime just to keep your practice running and patients healthy.

Sigma Accountants helps clients avoid expensive tax bills and maximize profits through specialized accounting, long-term tax strategies, and personalized finance consulting. Developed by an MBA-educated CPA, our holistic financial health system empowers healthcare professionals to protect their assets, retire rich, and spend more time doing what nourishes them—without the nagging worry that financial ruin is just around the corner.

Unlike other accounting firms, we treat healthcare businesses as an integrated whole— not just scattered parts. So you can experience how balanced books, optimized taxes, and sound investments can help bring your most ambitious dreams into being.

Our team is comprised of only the most accomplished and attentive accountants serving dentists, dermatologists, psychologists, and anyone else working in the health and wellness space throughout the greater DC area. Together, we're growing financially fit practices that'll take care of their owners and communities for generations. We'd be honored to welcome you to the Sigma family.

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INTEGRITYWe raise our right hands to the Hippocratic Oath

Finance, like medicine, is both a science and an art. Numbers tell us a story—and it’s our job to interpret that story with integrity.

At Sigma, you can count on us to do the right thing in every circumstance. That looks like legal tax deductions that won’t jeopardize what you’ve built, clear communication, and utmost discretion.

ACCESSIBILITYWe respond with urgency and resourcefulness

We stay on top of the latest technology, compliance changes, and your evolving needs to make sure you never miss a deduction or growth opportunity.

Have a question? Shoot us a text. Send us an email. Or ring us by phone. You won’t ever be left wondering what you’re looking at or where your accountant is.

PROACTIVITYWe don’t just heal financial hardship—We prevent it

Preventing financial (dis)ease is preferable to healing it. We’ll treat your business as the sophisticated system it is—and not just scattered parts.

We promise proactive reports and action plans that’ll help you avoid financial pitfalls, outpace the competition, and build the generational wealth you deserve

25 years of accounting expertise. A lifetime spent going the extra mile.

We have been selected three years in a row for the Best of Columbia Awards - Certified Public Accountant category.


In a small town in Kenya, Mr. Mwangi had one rule for his high school accounting students: make zero mistakes. To enforce this rule, he removed the erasers from the students’ pencils and forbade them from bringing their own.

Most students woke up at dawn to make the 4-mile trek to the schoolhouse, running the entire distance to slip into their seats just in time for lectures on bank reconciliations, liquidity ratios, and the difference between cash vs. accrual.

17-year-old Sigma founder Jigna Patel listened with rapture. In her practice ledger, she balanced debit and credit entries, tracked the performance of fictional companies, and plotted plans for limiting financial liabilities.

She was hooked and meticulous with no eraser to turn to, every digit was calculated with care. Accounting became a muscle she could count on, eventually leading her to Australia and the United States where she earned advanced degrees in Finance, Accounting and Business Administration.

While her sisters-built careers in healthcare, Jigna found her home behind the books and discovered a calling to ensure healthcare heroes no longer had to choose between wealth and wellness.

25 years of industry experience and hundreds of clients later, Jigna still promises every single business owner who chooses Sigma Accountants the highest level of accuracy, foresight, and financial security just like Mr. Mwangi taught her so long ago.

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Our Case Studies
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From Trudging Through TurboTax To Cutting Taxes By 15%Dr. Sima is a successful dentist working in the heart of Maryland. Like many healthpreneurs, her days are a whirlwind of appointments, check-ups, and procedures. On top of that, she has to manage the day-to-day operations of running a bustling practice. Stressful enough, right? But every year, there was one looming task that cast an extra shadow of doubt over her entire life: **TAXES**. Dr. Sima did what most healthpreneurs do. She tried to prepare her practice's taxes herself using TurboTax. It seemed like a reasonable choice at first – a quick, accessible solution that allowed her to file her taxes without the need for a dedicated accountant. However, the more her practice grew, the more complex her financial situation became. She was hiring more staff… And she soon discovered that TurboTax, while suitable for simple tax returns, couldn't quite keep up with the intricacies of her evolving business. She had spent hours sifting through piles of receipts, invoices, and payroll data, attempting to understand the nuances of the tax code. Even with TurboTax, she was still overwhelmed. It just couldn’t solve the unique challenges that came with running a medical practice. **She felt:** ❌ Worried that she was missing important deductions relevant to her industry (and therefore overpaying her taxes) ❌ Anxious that she’d make a mistake and be audited by the IRS (which would steal even more of her time away from her patients) ❌ Tired of working in her business instead of on it (she had little free time—or business growth to show for all the hard work she’d been putting in) Dr. Sima knew that every dollar saved in taxes could be reinvested into her practice or spent on her family. **The stakes were too high. By trying to handle her taxes all alone, she was risking the:** - future of her practice - security of her family - peace of mind she desperately longed for The stress of it all was taking a toll on her. She realized that she needed a solution that would allow her to focus on what she loved most—providing quality dental care to her patients. Dr. Sima decided to attend a financial literacy seminar for healthcare professionals. There, she learned that a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) could: ✅ **maximize her tax savings** ✅ **prevent audits and penalties** ✅ **deliver peace of mind during tax season** That’s when she reached out to Sigma. **Here’s what we did for her:** 1. _We evaluated her financial situation_ - We reviewed Dr. Sima’s last 3 years of tax returns to find errors, missed deductions, and opportunities for tax savings. 2. _We made a plan to lower her taxes_ - We delivered a comprehensive tax planning strategy tailored to Dr. Sima’s specific situation. - She got a personalized tax calendar with essential filing dates, a list of industry-specific deductions, and a step-by-step plan for lowering her taxes. 3. _We monitored her monthly progress for sustained growth_ - We corrected the previous year’s tax returns and put our strategy in place. - Then we met with Dr. Sima every quarter to streamline her taxes and grow her finances. **It worked. Dr. Sima saved:** - 💰15% on her taxes by claiming missed deductions - ⏰ 20 hours annually that she previously spent suffering through tax prep alone **And she felt:** - 🧘🏽 Waaaay less stressed, knowing that her taxes were handled by an expert - 😎 More confident making business decisions thanks to numbers she could trust - 🏃‍♀️ Energized and focused on expanding her practice and improving patient care Transitioning from TurboTax to a specialized CPA saved Dr. Sima $15,219 and gave her much-needed peace of mind. So she could focus on what matters most: **providing quality dental care to her patients**. Wondering how Sigma can get you the tax savings and peace of mind you deserve?
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How We Helped One Mental Health Clinic Open 14 Additional Locations In 10 Years And 24X More Cash Flow And 117X+ ROICommunity Behavioral Health is an outpatient mental health clinic in Maryland. In 2012, they had the ambitious project of growing their single clinic into a larger network of clinics so that they could serve more patients. They had the clinical expertise and passion for mental health required. But they felt completely lost when it came to handling the administrative and financial aspects of running a healthcare business. **They struggled with:** ❌ **Lack of financial knowledge:** They lacked experience in financial oversight and struggled to achieve profitability without sacrificing quality. ❌ **Clogged operations:** They were already overwhelmed with handling admin for one location. The thought of expanding felt impossible. ❌ **High tax burden:** The client struggled with a huge tax liability. Every dollar they sent to the government weighed heavy in their minds. They wished they could reinvest it into the practice and their community. ❌ **No growth strategy:** They dreamed of serving more patients. But they had no idea which strategies could make this dream a reality. ❌ **No time:** DIYing their finances robbed them of time they could spend on patient care and strategic planning. They needed more free space on their calendars—not less. **They reached out to Sigma for help. Here’s what we did:** ✅ **Prepared a holistic tax strategy:** We devised a comprehensive tax plan, identifying all possible deductions and credits they could claim to reduce their tax bill. This strategy cut their bill by 45%. ✅ **Streamlined operations:** We introduced modern accounting and operational software so that they could put administration on auto-pilot and find time to manage additional locations. ✅ **Guided their expansion:** We took on the role of part-time CFO. This included analysis and advisory on location selection, staffing, and service offerings that would make future locations profitable. ✅ **Liberated their time:** We handled the bulk of their financial and administrative burdens. So they could refocus on patient care and their broader vision for their practices. **Fast forward to 2024:** They’ve gone from bogged-down business owners to leaders of 14 new clinics across the state of Maryland. The team behind Community Behavioral Health already possessed the passion and vision required to achieve such a feat. Sigma brought strategic financial planning and management expertise to push them across the finish line. **Similar goals?** Reach out to schedule your free consultation today to discover how Sigma can help you reach them.
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How We Helped One Psychiatrist Juggling 1099 And W2 Employment Streamline His Finances, Cut $30,000 Off His Tax Bill, And Earn 65% More TimeDr. Mirhom is a New Jersey-based psychiatrist. Like so many healthpreneurs, he had to navigate a maze of different employment roles as he seized exciting career opportunities. **He juggled (and continues to balance):** ❌ a full-time W2 position at a reputable hospital that provided him with a steady income and benefits ❌ independent 1099 work as a private practice psychiatrist that granted him the autonomy he yearned for This made his tax and accounting situation pretty tricky. To add to the complexity, Dr. Mirhom's career was on the move— literally. He had relocated to a new city, which brought with it a fresh set of financial and tax implications. He tried TurboTax but knew it wasn’t enough to protect him. The fear of inadvertently making a mistake while filing taxes gnawed at him. He knew that the stakes were high. One misstep could lead to penalties, or worse—an audit. And then it happened: he got slapped with a significant underpayment penalty on his first quarterly estimated tax bill. He sought the advice of a close friend who recommended Sigma. **Here’s what we did for him:** 1. _We evaluated his financial situation._ - We carefully reviewed his current finances, previous W2 earnings, and projected 1099 income. 2. _We developed a plan to lower his business expenses and taxes by restructuring his business for greater efficiency, which resulted in a reduction of his total tax liability._ - We conducted sessions to understand his professional goals and anticipated expenses. Dr. Mirhom received a blend of tax planning, business expense advisory and templates plus personalized guidance for quarterly tax payments. 3. _We set up a system for filing quarterly and annual taxes_. - We prepared a tax return that accurately captured his W2 and 1099 work. And we put into place a system for timely quarterly estimated tax payments to prevent another penalty. **It worked. Dr. Mirhom saved:** 💰 $33,059 by claiming previously missed deductions, changing business structure and employing tax planning strategies including applying for penalty abatement. 💰 $5,000+ by avoiding another underpayment penalty (for 2 years and counting) ⏰ 65% of time previously spent grappling with tax preparation, giving him more time for contract work **And he finally felt:** 😎 Confident navigating the financial implications of his 1099 status 💡 Knowledgeable about business expenses and deductions affecting his tax bill 🧘🏽 At peace, knowing that he is compliant and optimizing his tax situation 🛞 In control of his professional journey and ready for future opportunities Balancing W2 and 1099 employment created a tricky tax situation with significant room for error and penalties. With our help, Dr. Mirhom was able to turn those challenges into $33,059 in **tax savings, more time to focus on his patients, and opportunities for continued business growth.** Wondering how Sigma can get you the tax savings and peace of mind you deserve?
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