Who We Help:Tailored Accounting for Healthpreneurs

At the heart of our services are healthpreneurs — those who blend medical expertise with entrepreneurial zest to lead successful healthcare ventures. These innovative leaders, encompassing a range of healthcare specialties, not only excel in patient care but also in mastering the financial and operational aspects of their practices.

Is this you?

  • Are you running one or more healthcare practices?
  • Does your practice generate between $500K and $15M in annual revenue?
  • Do you prefer focusing on patient care and growing your business rather than managing books and taxes?
  • Do you need better business decisions based on clean, clear financial reports?
  • Have you outgrown the capabilities of a homegrown bookkeeper or DIY approach?
  • Are you looking for a strategic partner for year-round support in accounting, tax, and finance?

If so, Sigma Accountants is here to help you achieve your goals.

Understanding The Unique Financial Landscape Of Healthcare, We Offer Customized Strategies For:
  • Maximizing Tax Deductions and Employing Savvy Tax-Saving Plans
  • Business entity structuring for optimal financial health
  • Minimizing capital gains in investment and business asset disposals
  • Our promise is to safeguard your finances, ensuring you pay only the essential taxes.
Comprehensive Services For Diverse Healthcare Practices
We cater to various healthcare specialties, including:
Mental Health And Psychiatry
Specialty Care
Allied Health Services
General Healthcare Services
Health Spas
Multifaceted Healthcare Centers
Guiding Your Practice From Inception To Growth
Whether starting fresh or acquiring an existing practice, we guide you in choosing the most tax-effective and commercially viable business structures. our services encompass:
Business Plan Development
Diverse Financing Options
Entity Formation And Registration
Cloud Accounting Solutions For Streamlined Financial Management
Fostering The Growth Of Your PracticeWe are committed to ongoing collaboration, helping you manage and expand your practice with a proactive approach to tax and business planning. This includes:
  • Strategies for minimizing taxes and optimizing cash flow
  • Benchmarking reports to assess and boost your practice's performance
  • Specialist tax and business advice tailored to your growing needs
  • Business structure reviews and support for expansion

Our medical bookkeeping services maintain up-to-date financial records, allowing you to focus more on your practice and less on financial management.

Maximizing Your Practice's Value At SaleIn preparing to sell your practice, we work closely with you to craft an effective exit strategy, ensuring maximum value. Our services include:
  • Practice valuation
  • Strategic planning to optimize the sale's tax efficiency
  • Navigating the complexities of capital gains tax
Our Comprehensive Suite Of Services
Practice Business Structure
Entity Formation
Business Planning
Tax Due Diligence & Compliance
Taxation & Accounting
Medical Bookkeeping
Cash Flow Management
Medical Benchmarking
Specialist Tax Advisory
Capital Gains Tax & Concessions
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